Dolomite Lumps

Dong Son Minerals – Dolomite are directly exploited from dolomite mine of the Company in Ha Nam Province, Vietnam by blasting method. After blasting, large blocks Dolomit is beaten by mechanical hammers and will be classified.

Quantity: 40,000MT per month
Size: 10mm-40mm / 20mm-40mm / 40mm-80mm
Port loading: Cam Pha Port, Vietnam
Packing: Bulk

 Lump size  (20-40)MM  Ca Content  ≥ 32.0%
 Lump size  (40-80)MM  MgO Content  ≥ 20.0%
 Powder size  80 MESH  Fe2O3 Content  ≤ 0.08%
 Powder size  250 MESH  SiO2 Content  ≤ 0.20%
 Moisture  0.2%  Na2O Content  ≤ 0.02%
 Density  2.85g/cm3  TiO2 Content  ≤ 0.04%
Loss on ignition content ≤ 46,70%

We are Dong Son exploiting Dolomite Chips/Lump from Ha Nam and Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam. Dolomite Chips is use in various industries such as in steel manufacturing, paint industry, chemical manufacturing industry and detergent industry etc. Dolomite Chips/Lump are available at reasonable prices.

The dolomite is selected and cleaned and then transported to the production area of the plant. Through the conveyor system, Dolomite is transferred to the hammer crusher. Function of  hammers is beat, crush and simultaneously transfer to the jig machine to classify grain size . It ensures that the product is carefully classified for each customer’s size requirement.