Dolomite Powder

Dolomite, composed of calcium and magnesium carbonate (CaCO3.MgCO3), has a theoretical composition of 45.65% MgCO3 and 54.35% CaCO3. In addition to its importance as crushed stone, it has a wide variety of industrial applications. It is used in the steelmaking industry as a flux and for manufacture of refractories for basic open hearth furnaces, Bessemer converters and steel ladles. In the cement industry it is used in refractories which line rotary cement kilns. It is an ingredient in the manufacture of plate glass and fibreglass, and has agricultural applications as a fertiliser, soil conditioner and stockfeed supplement. The specific gravity of dolomite is 2.85.

This means that a pure dolomite weighs 2.85 times as much as an equal volume of pure water. The specific gravity of a mineral can be used to help distinguish it from other minerals. The hardness of dolomite is 4 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means it is harder than a piece of copper ( a penny, for example) and softer than mild steel (like a knife blade). The hardness of a mineral is also another characteristic used to identify it from other minerals.

– MgO content: 20.5%
– CaO content: 32%
– Packaging: 25kg/ bag or 50kg/ bag with brand Dong Son Brand Name
– Haulage of container, flexible delivery.
– The monthly output: 3000 tons / month.
– Dolomite powder for aquaculture sector
– Dolomite powder for fertilizer industry
– Dolomite powder for ceramics industry
– Dolomite for steel industry
– Dolomite for glass industry


Dolomite is used for a variety of purposes as it is a versatile rock.

  • It is mainly used in the construction industry and is often used as a substitute for limestone.
  • Industrial uses of dolomite include the manufacturing of glass (the glass manufacturing industryuses pre-calcined dolomite, which theoretically contains about 21.8% magnesium oxide, or MgO).
  • It is used in certain industries, such as the iron and steel-making industries, as a refractory and also as a flux.
  • Dolomite is burnt, hardened and then made into small pellets and heated again. These pellets of dolomite are then used in the manufacture of blocks of dolomite refractory. Calcined dolomite with added iron oxide is used to repair the inner linings of furnaces. It is crushed into a fine powder called aglime, which is used for agricultural purposes (it reduces the acidity of the soil), and in the filler-making industry.


a) Dolomite Powder

Dolomite Powder offered by us is high on demand in the market. We provide Dolomite Powder to the clients as per their requirements. Dolomite Powder is used in Iron and Steel Industry, Ferro – Manganese Glass, Fertilizer Industry, and Lime: Magnesium Metal, Fertilizer / Extender and Sea–water Magnesia. We supply from Ha Nam and Thai Nguyen region prominently with adequate service of timely delivery.

b) Dolomite Chips/Lumps

We are exploiting Dolomite Chips from Thanh Hoa and Ha Nam province, Vietnam. Dolomite Chips is use in various industries such as in steel manufacturing, paint industry, chemical manufacturing industry and detergent industry etc. Dolomite Chips are available at reasonable prices.